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Codeasy How To

Hello! If you are here, halfway is already done! You are reading a text that will help you to save the world (and become a programmer).

First of all, to move through our wonderful story, you need to Sign Up at the website. As soon as you do this, you will get 60 viruses! Viruses are our currency, you will use them to unlock chapters of the story and other hidden treasures of Codeasy. Here is where you can find a number of your viruses:

Viruses location

To start education — click on the first chapter. We will ask you whether you are ready to spend viruses to start education. Be brave, say "Yes"!

First chapter

After clicking "Yes" you'll spend some viruses and immediately dive into the story. On your way, you'll meet "Code" buttons. To the right of them, there are viruses and leaderboard points count that you will get if you solve this task.

Closed task

You need to click the "Code" button in order to start coding. Task description is given above the code area. If your program needs any input — provide it in the input field. When you've finished writing code and want to check it — click the "Run" button. The results would be given in the results field. If you want to resize the coding area — there is a little handle for this as well.

Closed task

After you run the task it can be either correct or wrong. Messages that will tell you your result will appear above the coding area. If the task is solved correctly, you can click the "Compare" button and compare your code with Codeasy team's code. In case of difficulties or if you just want to talk to others who learn programming — press "Discuss" button and go to our Slack group

Correct task

If your code does not solve the task — you will get an error message and a hint button. Press it and you will be given several hints on how to solve this task.

Wrong task

Once you solve 80% of the tasks in the chapter - it will be marked with a "Solved" mark. Hovering chapter will show your progress. You can also check your position on the leaderboard.


Good Luck and have fun!