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What is Codeasy and how to study at Codeasy? is an online educational tutorial, with a main aim to teach beginners programming in a story-telling and interactive way.

Computer programming theory is covered in an easy and understandable way, in a form of a story. As any story, adventure story at Codeasy consists of chapters. Each chapter includes several lessons with programming tasks to solve.

You can read the story as usual, but in order to solve tasks you need to Sign Up at Codeasy. At the moment Codeasy has 12 chapters, which we call “The basic C# programming course”. In the nearest future we will launch an Advanced course. Besides, we are dreaming about adding more programming languages to Codeasy platform.

Just start reading the story and see how it works or learn more at our How to page.

Does it require computer science knowledge to start learning at Codeasy?

No. Codeasy is designed for absolute beginners and does not require any prior knowledge to start. Anyone can start the course.

Do I have to pay for studying at Codeasy?

At the moment Codeasy consists of 2 courses. First one, the beginner course, is completely free, though we have some advanced features at Codeasy which you can use by spending Viruses – internal currency at Codeasy. If you run out of Viruses learn how to earn them.
The Intermediate course, is not free, you should buy viruses to unlock it.

I’ve signed up at Codeasy and I can see the blue button with a number in the upper right corner, what is it for?

This is your Viruses balance. Viruses are an internal currency at Codeasy. Keep an eye on this sign, as you are going to use viruses to activate each next chapter at Codeasy, or features (like Solve For Me or Visual Studio Extension).

After sign up you get two unlocked chapters. So you can start studying at Codeasy immediately.

Learn more how to earn Viruses.

What is “chapter” at Codeasy?

Codeasy is an adventure story which consists of chapters, as a usual story. Each chapter includes several lessons with practical tasks. At the moment Codeasy has 12 chapters.

You can read chapters of Codeasy for free, but in order to solve tasks you need to Sign Up.

What if I can’t unlock (activate) new chapter at Codeasy?

So, you approached the moment when each time you press the new chapter, a window warns that you have not enough viruses?

To activate a new chapter at Codeasy you need to use an internal currency that we call “Viruses”. You can always check your viruses count in the upper right corner next to your email. Use Viruses to activate every chapter.

After sign up you get two unlocked chapters. So you can start studying at Codeasy immediately.

Learn more how to earn Viruses.

How to write code / solve tasks at Codeasy?

Codeasy has its own code compiler that allows you to write C# code, solve tasks in each chapter and practice theory you learned directly at Codeasy. In the text of Codeasy story there is a green "CODE" button. Press it to start coding. Task description is above the code area. If your program needs any input — provide it in the input field. If you want to resize the coding area — there is a little handle for this as well.

If you make several unsuccessful attempts to solve a task - a hint button will appear. Press it to get some hints for this problem. After successfully solving task, you’ll see a new “Compare” button. Press it to compare your code to Codeasy’s team code.

NOTICE, you can write code only after signing up at Codeasy.

How to check the code written by me at Codeasy?

Codeasy has the internal mechanism of checking your task solution. Read the task, find a solution, write your code and click “RUN”. Codeasy checks your code and immediately outputs the result. There will be a green field telling your solution is correct and a red one – if not.

What if I stuck while solving a task?

Ok, this happens! Don’t worry.

There is a Hint button above the code editor, where we prepared some useful tips for you to solve the tasks correctly. It appears after 2 incorrect solutions of the task. Just press it, maybe solution is already there.

No? Ok, there is another way we can help you – a feature Solve For Me button. Solve For Me – is an advanced feature at Codeasy and it will cost you 5 viruses. Learn more how to earn Viruses.

What is Hint button at Codeasy and how to use it?

A HINT button above the code editor window is a tip for you to solve the task correctly. Just press it, maybe the solution is already there. If no – see the previous point.

What is Compare button at Codeasy?

COMPARE button allows you to compare your code with Codeasy team's code. Just press it and see what happens!

What is Leaderboard at Codeasy and how to get to the TOP of Leaderboard?

LEADERBOARD is the internal rating of Codeasy students. One gets Leaderboard points for each task solved correctly, the amount of points per each ask is shown opposite to the CODE task button.

The most successful students are shown in TOP3. Other users’ points are also shown in the Leaderboard below TOP3. Yours are shown in the bottom of leaderboard. Or, maybe, at the top, if you are already there!

To get to TOP3 you need to complete all the tasks of 12 chapters correctly and successfully finish the course. Go ahead, do this challenge!

How to see my progress at Codeasy?

You can see your progress at the main chapter’s page by hovering the chapter. You’ll see the percentage you’ve completed each chapter. Once you solve 80% of the tasks in the chapter - it will be marked with a "Solved" mark.

What are Viruses and how can I earn them?

VIRUSES – a blue sign of a banknote shown in the upper right corner next to your email – are internal currency at Codeasy. Keep an eye on this amount, as you are going to use viruses to activate each chapter at Codeasy, or other features (like solve for me).

In the beginner course, when solving tasks correctly you get viruses per each task. If you are occasionally run out of Viruses, you can buy some at our shop.

In the intermediate course, you don't get viruses for solving tasks and need to buy viruses to activate chapters.

Do viruses refill over time?

No, viruses refill by buying them or solving tasks.

How can I use / spend Viruses?

Use Viruses to activate \ unlock each next chapter of Codeasy story. You will be notified by a popup window the cost of each chapter while trying to activate it.

Also, use viruses to Solve For Me feature - a possibility to get an insight on how Senior developers from Codeasy solved this task. Learn more about solve_for_me feature.

What is Codeasy shop?

solve for me was created for those cases when you occasionally run out of Viruses, and can’t proceed in your study at Codeasy.

If you run out of viruses, you can always refill your viruses balance in Codeasy shop. To accomplish this — click on the virus counter in the top-right corner of the website or follow this link.

What is Slack and how to get to Codeasy Slack group?

Slack is a free cloud-based web service for team collaboration and communication. We use it to help students from codeasy to collaborate and help each other to solve tasks.

We've created a channel #task_questions for you to post your question.

  • Use your email to register at Slack
  • Next follow Codeasy Slack group link to join Codeasy community at Slack.
What is 'Solve For Me'?

Solve for me is a feature that opens you a solution of the task before you've solved it. Use it wisely, try to solve the task yourself first. Each usage of Solve For Me costs 5 viruses.

What should I do after finishing all chapters at Codeasy?

Congratulations! You are one more step closer to the profession of software developer. Much work is to be done in future. We are working on the Advanced course for you and it will be launched soon.

Please, keep calm and wait for Codeasy ADVANCED!

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