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Read adventure story and learn C# programming language having lots of fun!

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This is a fun way to learn programming for complete beginners! is a C# tutorial for people who know nothing at all about programming. All you need is to be willing to learn C# from the ground up. The course will also be useful for those who already have a little experience in programming.

Travel through an exciting adventure story set in the far future. Machines have taken over the world, but YOU will save the world by coding! While reading, you’ll face challenges that require real coding to solve. You're smart enough to meet the challenges, though, aren't you? Don't chicken out! The fate of the world depends on you! Who will win in the end?

Learn and practice C# online for Free

It’s no secret that there are a lot of good books on programming on the Internet, but only practice will make you a good programmer. Codeasy is an interactive online C# tutorial where you will do a lot of programming. We designed our online tutorial so that 80% consists of practice. You actually write or edit code set to your skill level. That's what you need to become a C# programmer.

Anyone who begins this course will be allowed to finish it free of charge, without having to commit to anything else. You risk nothing to find out if you are truly interested and have what it takes. Start on your path to becoming a programmer with us!

Sign Up and Start Your C# Tutorial NOW, then Continue at Your Own Pace

Become the main character of the story and save the world! By creating a Codeasy account you are taking part in the battle with machines in the future. You will solve tasks by coding, and see your progress at the end of each chapter of the story. Continue reading the fascinating story and learn C# online at whenever it is convenient for you.

Just 20-30 minutes a day, any time of the day, will help absolute beginners get a taste of programming and gain useful knowledge. We promise the story’s plot will draw you back for more fun and learning, again and again! If you still have doubts if it’s worth it, do one simple thing. Try it! Start studying! Go to our C# introduction lesson and write your first program in 10 minutes!

Why C#?

We truly believe that a beginning programmer should start with a modern, easy-to-use language that will give an advantage if you go on to write programs for sale. C# is, in our opinion, the most effective backend language that is also elegant and simple enough for beginners. With C# you can build games, desktop applications, and websites. C# combines elements of functional programming and object-oriented programming, and it has extremely powerful libraries for unit testing and whatever else you need. In the Most Loved Programming Languages category in a Stackoverflow Developer survey, C# ranked 8 positions higher than Java, 9 positions higher than C++ and 1 position higher than Javascript.

Advance from Beginner to Programmer One Step at a Time!

You will start learning programming with basic concepts and terms such as variable and type, and finish this introductory course knowing more advanced topics, including multidimensional arrays and input validation. The story is divided into 10 chapters, and more are on the way. Each chapter covers some theory in a fun and interesting way. No lesson is just dull theoretical lecturing! Each chapter has a number of coding challenges where you apply what you are learning.

Every turn of the story provides new challenges, from small, simple tasks to large and very useful routines. The challenges in every lesson have a practical purpose: by solving tasks you fill up your progress bar and advance the story of liberating the world from the dominating machines! You can go on to the next level only if you have solved most of the tasks of the current chapter. We have already prepared nearly 150 practical assignments, but we plan to develop and add lessons according to your proposals.

We are here to help! is a project created by developers especially for first-time developers, so we are ready to help you if the training seems hard. We have organized a Slack community especially for users, where we are ready to answer your questions and share the experience. Just don’t forget: programming is hard work, but systematic practice and persistence yield impressive results! Every day we bend over backwards to make our resource better. And you know what? This is impossible without your help! Please, express your ideas and suggestions to make Codeasy better!

Start your journey right now!


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